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Forklift/Mobile Equipment Operation

Safety Guides

FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Crawler Cranes GuidePDF1.26 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Front End Loader GuidePDF1.53 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Hydraulic Excavators GuidePDF1.26 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Magnet GuidePDF1.22 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Material Handlers GuidePDF1.25 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Powered Industrial Trucks GuidePDF1.55 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Mobile (Trucks) Crane GuidePDF1.28 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
Wheel Loaders GuidePDF1.30 MB24 Jul, 2015 Download
ForkliftsPPT1.58 MB09 Jul, 2015 Download

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Working Safe and Smart: Around Cranes and Materials Handlers

Description:  Cranes and material handlers are a common part of the scrap recycling operation. This video provides an overview of the hazards involved in operating these machines.

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Safety Newsletters

FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Securing ContainersPDF294.51 KB23 Oct, 2014 Download
How Does The FMCSA Determine Carrier Violated Speed LimitsPDF244.79 KB25 Aug, 2014 Download
Securing Truck ContainersPDF298.57 KB28 Jul, 2014 Download
Are You Sure You Can Lift That LoadPDF1.03 MB28 May, 2014 Download
The 3 Ps of Material Handler SafetyPDF245.28 KB06 May, 2014 Download
Protect your Overhead DoorsPDF277.53 KB24 Mar, 2014 Download
Forklift SafetyPDF243.83 KB18 Mar, 2014 Download
Front-End Loader Safety Tips PDF63.80 KB05 Mar, 2014 Download
Front-End Loader SafetyPDF58.97 KB05 Mar, 2014 Download
ForkliftsPDF59.48 KB05 Mar, 2014 Download

Safety Videos

Basic Forklift Safety Rules

Material Handler Safety

Material Handler Pre-Operational Inspection

Material Handler Operations

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