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The states of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, and British Columbia.

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State specific policies, active legislation and regulations, and other resources may be accessed by selecting the applicable state. For a complete overview of active legislation, select Chapter Legislative Tracking.

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Board of Directors

  • Jacqueline Lotzkar Chapter President
    Pacific Metals Recycling International (604) 327-1148
  • Leah Glucoft 1st Vice President
    SHEARCORE (503) 545-0749
  • Amber Schultz Treasurer
    Pacific Recycling Inc (541) 953-8738
  • Tony Belot Secretary
    Radius Recycling (253) 404-6647
  • Leah Glucoft Membership Chair
    SHEARCORE (503) 545-0749
  • Hank Doane Legislative Chair (Oregon)
    PNW Metal Recycling, Inc (503) 347-0094
  • Sean Daoud Legislative Chair (Washington )
    PNW Metal Recycling, Inc (503) 710-7789
  • Sean Daoud Past President
    PNW Metal Recycling, Inc (503) 710-7789
  • Hank Doane Chapter Board Member
    PNW Metal Recycling, Inc (503) 347-0094
  • Ryan Glant Chapter Board Member
    Pacific Iron & Metal Co (206) 628-6232
  • Peter Van Houten Chapter Board Member
    Bob's Metals Inc (503) 701-4089
  • Mike Yochlowitz Chapter Board Member
    ABC Recycling Ltd (604) 522-9727
  • Craig Ware Scholarship Chair
    Farallon Consulting LLC (503) 941-8874
  • Taylor Kucharski Young Executives Chapter Liaison
    Recycled Materials University (RMU)
  • Corinna Ceballos Women in Recycling Chapter Advocate
    Coastal Wire 18438334503