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Working Safe and Smart: Around Cranes and Materials Handlers

Description:  Cranes and material handlers are a common part of the scrap recycling operation. This video provides an overview of the hazards involved in operating these machines.

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FMCSR’s for Securing Roll Off and Lugger Containers PDF94.80 KB16 Jul, 2013 Download
Always Wear Your Seatbelt When Operating a ForkliftPDF77.62 KB29 Jan, 2013 Download
Coroner Identifies Victim of Forklift AccidentPDF57.39 KB02 Oct, 2012 Download
Goal Get Out and LookPDF57.69 KB31 Jul, 2012 Download
Conveyor Safety Version 2PDF591.83 KB17 Jul, 2012 Download
Getting In and Out of the Cab of Your MachinePDF60.29 KB22 May, 2012 Download
Don't Get MousetrappedPDF114.47 KB28 Feb, 2012 Download
Peephole OperatingPDF40.95 KB01 Dec, 2009 Download
Equipment InspectionsPDF34.45 KB08 Jan, 2008 Download

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