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  1. 2023 ISRI Recycled Materials Industry Yearbook
  2. Recycled Materials Companies Top World's Most Sustainable List
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Global Standard for ‘Green Steel’ Can Curtail Emissions

The United States and the European Union are nearing an inflection point in the two-year arrangement that suspends tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, with both sides enmeshed in negotiations on the best path forward.

Recycled materials are what we’re made of.

The recycled materials industry provides critical raw material necessary for the everyday items and essential infrastructure we all depend on.

Recycling keeps the global supply chain moving. Together, we can be less dependent on any one market or source, because there are more sourcing options.

Recycling provides raw materials locally and securely.

The recycled materials industry is constantly evolving with the invention of new, cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes.

Recycling provides a more sustainable alternative to cutting down trees, mining, drilling, or harvesting natural resources.

At the end of a product’s life, recycling keeps more products from going to waste.


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