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Think Tank: Plastic Recycling

The U.S. plastic recycling market faces intriguing challenges—from quality concerns to terminology battles—and equally compelling possibilities.


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ISRI: The Shredder Story


  • Why Is Artificial Turf Under Attack?

    Remember when you thought consensus had been reached on something — whether it be an agreement between colleagues or the result of significant research — only to find the consensus called into question weeks, months or years later?
  • Dust Control for Scrap Recycling

    Dust suppression is an ongoing challenge in scrap handling and recycling operations. With raised awareness and tighter regulatory standards both contributing motivation for the industry to find efficient, cost-effective methods of fugitive particle control
  • Have a Seat at the Table

    Since I started working for ISRI eight years ago, I’ve often been intrigued by the industry’s specifications and their history. Specs for different commodities evolved at different times, often reflecting the importance of the commodity at that time.

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