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  • Top 5 Items People Forget to Recycle in the Bathroom

    America Recycles Day – on Nov. 15 – is a great time to celebrate recycling and learn new ways to recycle in your home. With the national recycling rate at 34.3 percent, there is still plenty we can do to recycle more, to recycle right, and to convert friends and family into recyclers.
  • ISRI Responds to Misinformed Claims About the State of Recycling in The New York Times

    In a recent New York Times Magazine column (The Rein of Recycling, Oct. 3), John Tierney paints a confusing and misinformed picture of recycling, calling it “wasteful,” “ineffectual,” and “costly.” The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • Re-Re-Recycle

    We have a mission, something to do, that’s why we’re here, talking with you. Ya see, there’s a story and it has to be told about our dumps and the garbage they hold. Just look in your trash, and what do you see? Everyday things from you and me; newspapers, bottles and cans, made from trees, metal ore and sand.

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