The ISEC, which is open to all ISRI members, continues to be a primary mechanism for two-way communication between industry safety professionals.  Attendees learn from each other, as well as from informative training sessions delivered by experts in their fields.  ISEC is also the deliberative body from which Recommended Industry Safety Practices (RISPs) evolve.  Reporting to the Safety & Operations Committee, the ISEC meets twice a year for two and a half days each. 

On average approximately 135 people attend the meeting, usually a mix of safety professionals and others who are responsible for safety within their operations.

Among the specific topics discussed during recent ISEC meetings have been –
  • Legal requirements for handling scrap batteries
  • Compressed gas management
  • How to remove refrigerants safely
  • Safety around material handlers
  • The proper handling of radioactive materials
  • Accident reconstruction & investigations
  • Dangers of sleep apnea & the DOT requirements for dealing with this issue
  • How to handle air bag canisters in the scrap stream 

There are several working groups established within the ISEC for addressing specific issues, including:

  • How to create an effective safety movement
  • The ISRI Excellence Safety Award
  • Yard Fires
  • Fall Protection
  • Torch cutting and air emissions

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