Shredders and VOC Emissions
Metal shredding operations have the potential to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and depending upon the amount emitted have the potential to trigger regulatory and/or permit requirements under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and associated state regulations.
Development of VOC Emissions Factors for Metal Shredders (May 2023)
This document has been prepared by ALL4, LLC for ISRI and identifies operational variables that could affect emissions from metal shredding operations, including feed composition. The report is the result of a review of available VOC emissions test reports from the U.S. EPA , state regulatory agencies, and shredder operators. A total of 21 VOC testing programs at 15 different shredding facilities were compiled and evaluated, representing the diversity of shredding in the U.S.
The emissions factors contained within the report reflect a current and comprehensive review of available metal shredding VOC emissions data and therefore should be used in lieu of the metal shredder VOC emissions factors included in the 1996 Versar Title V Applicability Workbook.
VOC Emissions Guidance for Metal Shredders
ISRI will soon be publishing a compliance document for shredders, providing guidance on how to calculate VOC emissions from shredding operations, how to evaluate the applicability of Clean Air Act (CAA) permitting requirements for VOC emissions, and how to evaluate other requirements related to VOC emissions that might apply.





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