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Western Pennsylvania with the eastern border from Bradford in the north, through and including Altoona through Bedford to the state line. Northwest West Virginia with the state line as the western border to St. Mary's down State Rt. 16 to I-79 to State Rts. 15 and 250 as the southern border, and routes 220, 33, 32, and the state line as the eastern border.

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Board of Directors

  • Aaron Thomas Chapter President
    TMS International Corporation (412) 675-7108
  • Jay Lenick 1st Vice President
    The Lenick Co (412) 341-3441
  • Jacob Marwil Treasurer
    TMS International, LLC (412) 304-9869
  • Joseph Santoro Secretary
    Cronimet Corp (724) 375-5004
  • Aaron Plitt Past President
    AMG Resources Corp (412) 777-7305
  • Jon Atkinson Chapter Board Member
    PSC Metals LLC (724) 421-8955
  • Ryan Boynes Chapter Board Member
    Liberty Tire Recycling LLC (412) 562-1700
  • Joe Clayton Chapter Board Member
    ARCOA Group (919) 619-4856
  • Jordan Fortney Chapter Board Member
    Metalico Pittsburgh Inc (412) 771-7500
  • Gina Freiling Chapter Board Member
    FeX Processing LLC dba Tri State Recycling (412) 716-4472
  • H Duffy Friedlander Chapter Board Member
    Daniels & Miller Inc (724) 834-1500
  • John Gardiner Chapter Board Member
    Cronimet Corp (724) 375-5004
  • James Lawrence Chapter Board Member
    Fastmarkets (212) 646-6240
  • James Leonard Chapter Board Member
    TMS International, LLC (412) 267-5226
  • James Merrills Chapter Board Member
    GLE Scrap Metal (407) 216-9860
  • David Schumer Chapter Board Member
    Keywell Metals LLC (614) 735-1301
  • Eryk Stunda Chapter Board Member
    AMG Resources Corp (412) 604-0851