SREA Reasonable Care Compliance Program


The Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) Reasonable Care Compliance Program saves both time and money by helping scrap processors and brokers perform, with ‘reasonable care,’ due diligence on a scrap-consuming facility’s environmental compliance record as required by federal law to help provide a valid defense against a Superfund liability claim. Taking advantage of ISRI’s SREA Reasonable Care Compliance Program spares the time of having to dig through complicated regulations and environmental compliance records before determining whether or not to ship to a customer. Participation in this program gives you a competitive advantage over other scrap processors and brokers. 

ISRI selected KERAMIDA as its vendor of choice to provide SREA Reports. KERAMIDA is an environmental consulting firm with 30 years of expertise in conducting environmental due diligence, access to numerous federal, state and local regulatory databases, and experience interpreting environmental regulations and site-specific records. Under contract with ISRI, KERAMIDA’s professionals will compile, for each site ordered, a SREA report which contains a concise, user-friendly facility evaluation along with supporting backup data gathered from searching over 1,200 federal, state, and local databases; FOIA requests; and facility questionnaires.

Important Information for Ordering Your SREA Reports


According to recommendations from industry and legal experts, recyclers should follow these guidelines when ordering SREA Reports:

  • A SREA Report should be ordered by scrap processors and brokers for each consuming facility to which their recyclable materials are being sent.
  • SREA Reports should be ordered annually for each consuming facility to which their recyclable materials are being sent.

SREA Testimonial

“At our company, we feel it is extremely important to protect our future. By completing the SREA due diligence, we are doing our best to avoid a costly mistake down the road. Requesting the reports from ISRI allows us to take advantage of economies of scales and pay only a fraction of what it would cost us to order the data on our own. We than ISRI for offering this valuable service at a very reasonable investment.”

– Matt Kripke, Kripke Enterprises

SREA Report Pricing

ISRI Member:
$75.00 during the Open Season & non-unique reports year round

(pricing per report)


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Ordering SREA Reports

SREA orders can be placed through KERAMIDA’s online report ordering portal. The SREA Report Portal is an intuitive, user-friendly, and secure ordering system.

ISRI Members should log into the report ordering portal using their existing ISRI Membership login credentials.

Nonmembers can use an existing password if they have one, or first-time users can create one.

You will receive an email confirming your order. Once your SREA Reports are finished being compiled, you will be notified via email with instructions about accessing and downloading your reports.

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