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2017 Safety Stand-Down Day: Management Leadership Tools


Management leadership is a demonstrated commitment at the highest levels of an organization to safety and health. It means that business owners, executives, managers, and supervisors make safety and health a core organizational value, establish goals, provide resources, and set a good example. Because managers and workers take their cues from leadership, it's important that all leaders throughout an organization show a visible commitment to safety and health.

Here are a few ways you can show management leadership during Safe + Sound Week. Pick the one that works best for you:

  • Deliver a safety and health message
  • Establish a visible presence to promote safety and health
  • Formalize and publicize your commitment to safety and health
  • Take your commitment to safety and health beyond your organization

Management Leadership Tools

FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Tools_Safety_Break_AgendaPDF167.20 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
ML_visible_presencePDF374.29 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
Tools_All_Hands_AgendaPDF398.09 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
ML_deliver_messagePDF374.29 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
ML_formalize_commitmentPDF394.42 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
ML_beyond_organizationPDF327.01 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download
Communication_Workforce_EmailPDF167.23 KB07 Jun, 2017 Download

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