ISRI Metal Theft Laws - Materials Covered

States define what metals are subject to their metals theft statutes using various differing terms. This report outlines the materials covered as defined in the particular state(s). Some definitions may be similar while others may seem very different, so be sure to read carefully and feel free to contact ISRI if you need clarification on the terms used. This information can also be included in a Custom Report by selecting Materials Covered from the Materials and Entities category.

Please note the laws' definitions and materials covered are outlined in a manner consistent with common understanding and industry standards. For clarity purposes, the report generated may list such definitions and covered materials in a different order than the state law, but the substantive content of the law remains intact. If you would like to check the original definitions, please use the Statute References Commonly Requested Report or the References category in Custom Reports.

What Is Included In This Report

  • Materials Covered: Scrap metal and materials covered by the state metals theft statute

This report can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or as a CSV file (Excel or other database).

Please Note: This database is not intended to serve as legal advice; please consult an attorney or legal advisor regarding the application of the laws and any regulations to specific situations you may encounter. This database does not cover vehicle detitling/dismantling laws, scrap yard / junk yard zoning and screening requirements, laws on the purchase and processing of precious metals and jewelry, such as gold, silver, and platinum, or secondhand materials laws.

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