Create Your Own Custom Report

Want to compare multiple provisions in the states? Couldn't find the exact provisions you were looking for in our Commonly Requested Reports? Custom Reports lets you access exactly what you need to know; just select from the provision categories on the first page, then check the states you'd like to see on the second page and you're set.

How to use the Custom Reports

Each state's laws have been broken up into the categories of provisions. Select the individual provisions that interest you from each, or use the "Select all fields in this category" box to quickly select a group. The categories of provisions are:

  • References
  • Materials & Entities
  • Recordkeeping
  • Reporting
  • General Requirements
  • License & Registration
  • Penalties

You can find out more details on the provisions in each category by clicking the "?" next to each category name.

At the bottom of the categories page you can enter a keyword or phrase you'd like highlighted in your report, such as "nonferrous" or "copper". Please note that definitions are given in the "Materials Covered" provision; if you're looking for a specific material you should include that provision in your report.

On the second page, choose the states you'd like to view and whether you'd like to view the report in your web browser or download it as a spreadsheet file. If your report contains a lot of information then you will likely need to side-scroll to view all the provisions.

Have Questions?

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