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ISRI’s insurance programs are specifically designed with the needs of recyclers in mind and include many coverage enhancements specific to the industry.  Following is information on the following ISRI sponsored insurance programs:

• ISRI’s Sponsored Business Insurance Program: RecycleGuard®
• Group Health/Dental/Prescription Insurance
• Disability Coverage

ISRI’s Sponsored Business Insurance Program: RecycleGuard®

ISRI’s insurance programs are specifically designed with the needs of recyclers in mind and include many coverage enhancements specific to the industry. The RecycleGuard® program, managed through AmWins Group, Inc., addresses the property and liability insurance needs of recyclers in all 50 states in an effort to provide the utmost in flexibility and responsiveness.

ISRI encourages members to have their broker obtain a proposal from RecycleGuard®, ISRI's sponsored business insurance program.  It is important to know that the RecycleGuard® program is a valuable partner of ISRI, providing ongoing financial support for ISRI's safety program allowing ISRI to offer an array of safety services to members. RecycleGuard has been a respected partner since 2000 providing highly specialized insurance solutions and risk management services to meet the unique needs of the recycling industry.

Coverage’s available through RecycleGuard include:

General Liability
■ Conversion Coverage
■ Impaired Property
■ Premises
■ Products
■ Crisis Response*
■ Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program® available*

■ Employee Dishonesty
■ Theft, Disappearance, & Destruction
■ Forgery or Alteration
■ Pension/profit sharing (ERISA)
■ Depositors Forgery

Business/Commercial Auto
■ Auto
■ Non-owned
■ Rental Reimbursement
■ Cargo Pollution
■ Drive Other Car


■ Building
■ Contents
■ Business Income and Extra Expense
■ Equipment Breakdown
■ Commercial Property Coverage form Extension
■ Stock


Inland Marine
■ Scheduled Property
■ Yard Equipment
■ Small Tools
■ Cargo
■ Equipment Leased From Others
■ Computer /EDP coverage

■ Limits over General Liability, Auto & Workers Compensation Coverage B/Employers Liability
■ 5 Million Limits Available

Pollution Liability
 Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program® available*

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Description of Coverages

General Liability

■ Insurance for premises and operations.  Products may be rated and audited on a composite basis utilizing payroll or tonnage in lieu of sales.  
■ Enhancements can include coverage for conversion, impaired property and employee benefits liability. 
■ Corporate Identity Protection Coverage (CIP) provides personal identity liability, administrative action and identity event reimbursement. (Coverage not available in AR, IL, ME, MO, NY, OK, VT)
■ Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program®* combines commercial general liability (CGL) and pollution legal liability (PLL) coverage in a single, cost effective policy which helps to eliminate potential coverage gaps. The EAGLE program provides protection from both general liability and environmental exposures faced by scrap recyclers who buy discard materials, including metals, from industrial facilities and individuals and sort and prepare those materials for resale.

Business/Commercial Automobile 
Provides coverage for your owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles. Coverage can be included for: 

■ Physical damage to vehicles rented by you.
■ Pollution liability due to upset and overturn.
■ Rental reimbursement.
■ Drive-other-car coverage for specified individuals (provides coverage for those individuals specifically named by you under the policy, should they or their spouse drive a vehicle other than the one you provide them).
■ Other enhancements available by endorsement. 

Pollution Legal Liability Options

■ Limited Pollution Coverage: Provides coverage for a pollution incident from an insured site that commences on or after the effective date of the policy. Insured must be legally obligated to pay claims for bodily injury, property damage, or cleanup costs (excluding cleanup of insured’s own site resulting from governmental action). Claim must be made during the policy period; pollution incident must be discovered within seven days after the commencement of the pollution condition and the incident must be reported within 14 days following discovery by the insured.

■ Premises Pollution Liability: Provides coverage for the first-party cleanup of both sudden and accidental or gradual pollution releases at covered location(s). Coverage also provided for bodily injury and property damage for gradual releases at covered locations. Mold/fungi is included in the definition of pollution conditions.

■ Contractors Pollution Liability: Provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of both sudden and accidental and gradual pollution releases while performing services for others

■ Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program®*: refer to details under General Liability section.

Property Coverage extension to provide for Limits
■ Newly acquired or constructed buildings - $1,000,000
■ Newly acquired business personal property - $1,000,000
■ Computer equipment - $250,000 
■ Additional media/data programs - $100,000 
■ Property in transit - $50,000
(if stock covered with property)
■ Money and securities 
     ■ Inside - $20,000 
     ■ Outside - $10,000 
■ Fire department service charge - $25,000 
■ Recharge of fire protection equipment - $10,000 
■ Extra expense - $50,000 
■ Pollutant clean up and removal - $25,000 
■ Valuable papers and records - $100,000 
■ Accounts receivable - $100,000 
■ Inventory and appraisal - $20,000  
■ Off premises utility
     ■ Property coverage form - $100,000 
     ■ Business income and extra expense coverage - $25,000 

Umbrella Liability 
Provides insurance limits over your primary general, automobile and employer’s liability limits, subject to policy terms and conditions. Limits up to $10 million and greater are available.

Program Elements

■ Coverages, limits, and deductibles can be customized to fit individual needs.
■ Price is based on individual coverage’s, limits, construction, location, and previous claims history. No group rates are used.
■ All underwriting is centralized resulting in a consistent approach to providing coverage.
Actual coverage is subject to the policy terms and conditions agreed to at the time of binding.

Loss Prevention.
 RecycleGuard is committed to providing loss-prevention consulting services to help you establish and maintain effective safety processes to control hazards and reduce loss potential.  Experienced recycling industry safety professionals will evaluate your safety policies and procedures to determine their effectiveness and develop a formal program to correct identified deficiencies.

Fast Attention and Instant Access for Claims.
 RecycleGuard offers a toll-free claims hotline and e-mail address for direct reporting of claims that are then handled by recycling industry specialists familiar with claims common to the industry. Claims handling, involving the insured, insurer, and program manager is designed to achieve mutual goals with optimal results. 

Large Deductible or Self-Insured Options.
 The program can include workers’ compensation, general and automobile liability. To qualify, you must accept a minimum deductible of $150,000. Normal guarantee cost minimum premium level for all lines to be included is $500,000.

Loss Sensitive Options Available Through RecycleGuard

Captive Insurance Option.
  For those that qualify and wish to consider the option, Willis can provide market leading captive solutions. Applicants must have exceptional loss history, a demonstrated commitment to loss prevention and a minimum premium of $500,000 for workers’ compensation, general and automobile liability. Your current agent or broker may stay involved.

Group Health/Dental/Prescription Insurance

Offered to ISRI members by Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants and insured by Sun Life and Health Insurance Co. ISRI member companies with two or more employees are eligible to participate in a custom-designed long and short-term disability group program. All eligible employees will be approved regardless of their health status. For enrollment information, contact Ed Sterczek at (800) 349-1039, ext. 15. 

Disability Coverage

Offered to ISRI members by Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. at no cost or obligation. MMIC offers a broad range of insuring companies, policies, and plans. The company will analyze your health insurance needs to improve coverage and reduce costs. For more information, contact contact Ed Sterczek at (800) 349-1039, ext. 15.
All insurance programs are administrated by ISRI Resources Inc. and its board of seven ISRI members.

*Registered trademark of American International Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Have Questions?

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Director of Transportation Safety
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Senior Vice President and Underwriting Officer for AmWINS Program Underwriters
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For a quote, have your agent or broker fax, e-mail, or mail a submission to RecycleGuard