White Papers, Reports and Analysis


ISRI produces periodic reports detailing information on the state of the U.S. scrap recycling industry. Several recent studies show that the U.S. scrap recycling industry creates and supports hundreds of thousands jobs in the United States and generates billions in revenue for federal, state and local governments across the country.

ISRI's Policy and Position Statements

FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
ISRI Environment Justice PolicyPDF188.97 KB25 Oct, 2021 Download
ISRI Position on Paper BagsPDF483.97 KB13 Aug, 2020 Download
ISRI Position on Minimum Recycled Plastic Content LegislationPDF489.64 KB13 Aug, 2020 Download
ISRI's Positions CombinedPDF1.95 MB04 Mar, 2020 Download
ISRI Position on Orphaned Radioactive SourcesPDF83.67 KB04 Mar, 2020 Download
ISRI PAC PolicyPDF98.16 KB04 Mar, 2020 Download
ISRI Position on Product StewardshipPDF155.26 KB04 Mar, 2020 Download
ISRI Position on Plastic BagsPDF101.42 KB04 Mar, 2020 Download
Right to ReusePDF104.76 KB04 Mar, 2020 Download
Continuation of the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery ProgramPDF105.62 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Railroad TransportationPDF105.72 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Critical Federal Legislative Elements for Used Electronics Equipment & Components ExportsPDF124.66 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Export of Used ElectronicsPDF106.19 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Artificial Turf and Rubber InfillPDF103.23 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
TransportationPDF104.48 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Appropriate Regulation, Registration, Permitting, or Licensing of Sellers of Vehicles for Scrap or Parts OnlyPDF83.04 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Accelerated or Bonus Depreciation Tax AllowancesPDF102.81 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Use of Degradable Additives in Plastic PackagingPDF102.38 KB03 Mar, 2020 Download
Design for RecyclingPDF102.36 KB28 Jul, 2017 Download
Reporting Recycling ActivitiesPDF132.06 KB28 Jul, 2017 Download
Rubberized Asphalt in Road ConstructionPDF109.03 KB27 Jun, 2017 Download
Recyclable Materials TheftPDF107.19 KB27 Jun, 2017 Download
Scrap Tire Design for Recycling (DfR)PDF103.83 KB27 Jun, 2017 Download
Free and Fair TradePDF575.43 KB27 Jun, 2017 Download
Electronic ReportingPDF103.35 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
One-Bin Collection PolicyPDF79.65 KB23 Jul, 2014 Download
Flow ControlPDF84.63 KB12 Feb, 2014 Download
Energy & Climate ChangePDF24.71 KB19 Oct, 2008 Download
Pressurized ContainersPDF35.10 KB23 Apr, 1996 Download

White Papers, Reports and Analysis

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