ISRI In-Person Safety Technician Course Equips Professionals to Safely Interact with EV and Li-ion Batteries

Dec 5, 2023, 11:08 AM
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Vicki Morgan
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Once again, ReMA is breaking new ground in assisting members with training on how to safely interact with electric vehicles (EVs) and Li-ion batteries. ISRI’s first-ever, comprehensive, in-person course, EV Safety Technician, will be held Dec. 7-8, 2024 in Ostrander, Ohio (Columbus). The program is a partnership between ReMA and the Energy Security Agency (ESA).

This highly informative course is designed to equip recycling and dismantling professionals with the critical knowledge, skills and abilities needed to interact safely with EVs and Li-ion batteries. Students will receive ESA certificates of completion and Institute of Motor Industries (IMI) certification in battery pack dismantling operations. The course structure provides a high-energy and interactive balance of classroom and academic sessions with practical hands-on labs at the state-of-the-art ESA/Energy Safety Response Group (ESRG) alternative energy testing lab in Ohio.

Course highlights:

  • xEV Orientation
  • Li-ion Battery and HV System Overview
  • Hazardous Condition Identification
  • Hazardous Condition Management
  • Safety when Interacting with xEV
  • IMI Certification in Battery Dismantling
  • Hands On Experience with xEV Battery Packs

Instructors for the Safety Technician course are highly specialized professionals from ESA who operate in the emergency services and industrial safety services sectors. ESA professionals are industry leaders in safe battery handling through comprehensive research, testing, educating, consulting, emergency response, and code and standard guidance and development.

The in-person Safety Technician course has a prerequisite training course, High Voltage Electric Vehicle Technology Online Course. Click here for more information. The Safety Technician in-person course will be offered again in January 2024. More offerings will be scheduled in the future.

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Once again, ReMA is breaking new ground in assisting members with training on how to...
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