EHS Training Update: February 2019

Keeping on track with your education and training goals is a must in order to cover the necessities and to keep your workforce prepared for whatever may come their way. Having a plan that keeps you on track is a foundational element to the positive and successful outcome that you want. In the Health & Safety world there are many requirements that have to be followed in order to keep your business in compliance. Federal OSHA has published a document that breaks down the regulations according to the specific training requirements that are covered within the particular regulatory standards.

Use this and other tools from Federal or your State OSHA program as guides and tools to help you to better understand and organize the education and training requirements at your business. ISRI has also prepared a suggested training calendar that can help to guide your program. This training calendar is a suggested guide that you can follow. You will also find many useful reference links within this document that can support your education and training efforts. Ultimately you know your business best so you must tailor your training calendar to fit your operational needs so that your business remains in compliance with the OSHA training requirements. Please contact us at any time if you have questions related to EHS education and training in your work environment. For more information contact ISRI Director of Safety Outreach Tony Smith.

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