Registration Now Open for ISRI’s Commodities Roundtable Forum 2

ISRI’s Commodities Roundtable returns to the Hilton Chicago, September 19 – 21. The Commodities Roundtable is one of ISRI’s premier events to discuss, network, and learn about Nickel/Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, Ferrous, and Plastics Markets.
2016roundtablescover Where are the markets now? Where are they headed?  These questions are central and prominent in every recycler’s mind as they determine their buying and selling strategies for the last half of the year.  At ISRI’s Commodities Roundtable, you’ll hear from noted experts that may help inform your choices as they discuss these markets and where they think the markets are headed.

Of particular note this year is ISRI’s Roundtable on World Markets featuring Don Smale, Secretary General of the International Copper Study Group, International Lead and Zinc Study Group, and the International Nickel Study Group.  With the world economy rocked by recent global events from Brexit, to terrorism to market declines in Europe and Asia, understanding how these events impact the recycling industry is more crucial now than it has ever been. Mr. Smale is a noted expert on world markets and will help recyclers understand how these events can impact your business.  On the Plastics side, we have Tonya Randall of Moore Recycling Associates who will discuss plastic film and other resin markets, and try to make sense of the recent ups and downs besetting the resin markets.

The Commodities Roundtable is a must for anyone who buys, sells, or trades commodities. This program, continues the traditions of educating recyclers on the commodities markets.  Additionally, to help prepare for the Commodities Roundtable, ISRI has developed several webinars with noted experts from all the commodities that will be discussed at the Roundtable.  The next webinar, ISRI Commodity Series: Aluminum takes place this Thursday, July 7.  In August, ISRI will host a webinar on Nickel/Stainless. 

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