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Mar 15, 2024, 07:30 AM
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Hannah Carvalho
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In just a little more than a month, the largest recycled materials industry event in the world will head back to fabulous Las Vegas! ISRI2024 returns to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino bringing together over 6,000 industry professionals. For four days the recycling community will come together to sharpen their skills, gain knowledge, build relationships, grow their businesses and celebrate each other.

“Every year, the ISRI convention and exposition continues to grow both in attendance and exhibitors,” said Brianna Gianti, ISRI’s vice president of membership. “It’s exciting to be at the cutting edge of the recycled materials industry. This year, we’re excited to have over 365 exhibitors, and we estimate that we’ll see the highest number of attendees following last year in Nashville.”

In addition to bringing back the informative educational sessions and engaging networking events attendees have come to know and love, there’s a lot of new features and experiences just around the corner.

Safety Presentations from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

This year, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) will be delivering 20-minute safety presentations at least once per hour. VTTI will review the five key strategies for safe interactions with large trucks along with video examples to set the stage for a hands-on experience.

Participants can walk around the truck through each of the no-zones; visualize the recommended strategies as well as the challenges truck drivers face when it comes to visibility; and climb into the driver’s seat of the tractor-trailer and see firsthand what truck drivers can and can’t see on roadways.

Podcast and Innovation Stage

ISRI is presenting Innovation Live, in which equipment and service providers will take to the exhibit hall stage for 20 minutes to highlight products and services available to recyclers.

“The innovation stage has seen an evolution over the past few years,” said Jason Glei, ISRI’s vice president of marketing. “We started it to give exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their work on the show floor outside of the confines of their booth. We’re shifting that a little this year, we want to focus on what’s new coming out of the industry so the presentations will be more focused on product launches and new developments associated with exhibitors.”

This year, attendees can listen in as some of the industry’s top podcasters record episodes from the ISRI2024 exhibit hall. There are many influential podcasters with strong voices across the recycled materials industry. ISRI is showcasing their talent and giving them a platform to share stories and participate live from ISRI2024.

More Member Lounges

Last year, ISRI launched two member lounges in Nashville for ISRI2023 to great success so this year the organization is expanding to offer three member-only lounges. Two lounges will be on the expo hall floor and the third will be on the second floor outside of registration. These lounges are spaces for members to relax with comfy seats and space to connect with fellow members and industry colleagues.

“With the new third member-only lounge, if you’re in between sessions and you want to take a break or take a meeting, you don’t need to go all the way down to one of the lounges on the show floor,” Gianti said. “Members will have the opportunity to network and get the VIP treatment of being a member right by registration.”

New Member and First-Time Convention Attendee Welcome

Though not new to ISRI2024, this event continues to evolve each year and this convention is no exception. The new member and first-time convention attendee welcome is an opportunity for attendees to get the most out of their convention experience.

“New members and first-time attendees have the opportunity to meet other new folks and network before the official start of the convention,” Gianti said. “This year ISRI will feature new networking opportunities as well as free wine and beer to all attending. Last year we had over 200 folks and this year we have space for 500 people to attend, so we’re excited to see all the new faces.”

Additional Networking Spots

Looking for even more spots to chat with colleagues and fellow members? ISRI is bringing even more spaces for attendees to chat and network at ISRI2024.

This year, the organization is leveraging the foyer space outside of the exhibit hall to create more networking opportunities outside of the exhibit hall. This is where the ISRI Hub and RERF Silent Auction will be located — there will be general seating and a lounge area set up for all attendees to gather.

“One of the things we saw last year in Nashville that was great was that outside of the exhibit hall where registration was set up in the foyer areas there was a lot of seating and activity constantly happening,” Glei said. “That was the place to be if you were going to meet someone or take a meeting and we’re looking to recreate that experience for attendees in Vegas.”

Surprises to Close Out ISRI2024

ISRI has additional surprises on the last day of ISRI2024, Thursday, April 18, so be sure to stick around; you won’t want to miss it.

“If you need to change or update your plans, now is the time to do it, so you can be there to celebrate, witness, and be a part of history,” Glei said.

In just a little more than a month, the largest recycled materials industry event in...
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