West Coast Chapter Meeting & Legislative Fly-In

Feb 1, 2024, 18:13 PM
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Arnulfo Moreno
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This year’s West Coast Chapter meeting will be taking place Feb. 21-22 in Sacramento, California. The meeting will, for the first time, include a legislative fly-in.

“We keep talking in our legislative meetings about getting in front of legislators and letting them know about our industry, but very few members actually do this. In the spirit of the national fly-in, I felt that it was worthwhile to try this as there are a few important bills that have carried over into the second year,” said West Coast Chapter President Sandy Brooks. “By the time we meet in February, all new California bills for the year will have been submitted.”

California State Treasurer and 2026 Lieutenant Governor Candidate Fiona Ma will be attending the chapter meeting reception on Feb. 21. California State Senator Ben Allen and Chair of the Environmental Quality Committee will be a speaker at the breakfast on Feb. 22. ISRI’s VP of State & Local Government Affairs Abby Blocker and ISRI’s AVP of Government Relations Kristen Hildreth will also be in attendance. Lobbyists from The Flanigan Law Firm and West Coast Chapter Members will assist participants with meeting scheduling and will send participating members talking points for the event.

Secure your spot ahead of the next registration increase on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

This year’s West Coast Chapter meeting will be taking place Feb. 21-22 in Sacramento, California....
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