TruckPay Receives Patent for Weighing Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Trucks

Sep 8, 2022, 20:27 PM
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Hannah Zuckerman
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TruckPay has been granted a patent for its MyTruckScales contactless NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified truck scale management system. The Tenafly, N.J.-based company provides mobile and cloud-based enterprise truck scale management software and a complete paperless E-Ticket platform for the aggregates, demolition, recycling, and material supply industries. TruckPay is a certified Disabled Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) company.

“We are incredibly gratified that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has again recognized the unique and innovative features of the MyTruckScales platform, as this is our third patent for the system,” says Barry Honig, TruckPay CEO. “I want to congratulate my entire team for all the hard work that they have done to make TruckPay the absolute leading innovator in truck scale and fleet management technology.

With this patent, TruckPay can help scale-owners, autonomous truck manufacturers, and fleet operators to take full advantage of using these types of vehicles to get NTEP certified weights and to automatically complete any type of weighment workflow. The system can be used for single platform or for axle scale weighments.

The system promotes workplace safety, Honig says. “It removes the need for the driver to get in and out of their truck to get a ticket or to go into the scale house. The risk of accidents coming in and out of the truck or on and off the scale are greatly reduced,” he notes. “Through our system, drivers stay in their trucks and a mobile device connects wirelessly to the scale indicator. It grabs the weight and lets the drivers complete their specific workflows.”

As more autonomous and semiautonomous trucks come online, Honig is excited to offer TruckPay’s technology to those vehicles. “With our technology these trucks can get automatically weighed without a driver inside,” he says. “The tablet inside the autonomous truck is essentially talking to our cloud-based system. And with the semi-autonomous truck, it’ll be remote-controlled by an operator. These types of trucks can only get weighed with our technology. That’s really exciting.”

During a time where the U.S. is experiencing high inflation, Honig is excited that TruckPay can help people save money on facility operations. The technology allows for cost savings in various areas, such as saving on installing and maintaining physical kiosks. It could also help with hiring and keeping certified weigh masters. “Our technology allows for one weigh master to monitor and certify weights on multiple scales,” Honig says. “In this way you can hire one person to monitor 15 scales instead of 15 people each monitoring one scale.”

With TruckPay’s system, weigh masters have the capability of doing their work remotely, which could be an attractive benefit for employees. “They can sit in the comfort of their home and monitor scales and receive notifications for a weighment,” Honig says. “That’s not only a huge labor cost savings, but it’s also really helpful as the industry is working to find new ways to keep and retain employees.”

Honig advises recyclers to stay tuned for the next version of the technology that will allow people to conduct business electronically. “From selling to buying recycled materials, we’re going to provide the ability for all business to be conducted electronically. It can be done without the need for back office or invoice generation and that’s another opportunity for savings,” Honig adds. “You’re reducing some of the back-office work in terms of producing billing statements and matching billing statements with scale truck tickets. It’ll all be electronic.”

The platform is multicurrency and multilingual so companies that are located outside of the U.S. can use it. In addition to running on various currencies and languages the system can run on the metric or imperial system.

“With the ongoing truck driver shortage, the need and customer demand for all types of autonomous and semi-autonomous trucks is rapidly growing and the need to have these trucks weighed, without human intervention, is also going to greatly expand,” Honig says.

Body photo courtesy of Barry Honig. Lead photo courtesy of Joseph Paul on Unsplash.


TruckPay has been granted a patent for its MyTruckScales contactless NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program)...
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