Safety Spotlight: A Full Stop for Safety

Oct 4, 2018, 19:11 PM
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September/October 2018

When dozens of ISRI member companies in North America shut down their operations for an hour June 13, they all had one goal: renewing their focus on safety. More than 40 ISRI member companies representing more than 122 facilities and 4,885 employees, including temporary workers and contractors, participated in the fifth annual ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day. Each year, ISRI asks companies to pause or shut down operations for at least an hour per shift to review safety topics or provide safety training. This year, ISRI partnered with OSHA to encourage ISRI members to participate in activities related to the three core aspects of a successful safety and health program: management leadership, worker participation, and finding and fixing workplace hazards.

Full-Stop-for-SafetyCompanies created their own informational sessions and hands-on training based on the safety issues that matter most to them. Involving employees from every department was an important part of the day, participants say. “We even got our office into the mix with the [human resources] and trading departments discussing the role they play within the safety realm and promoting a proactive safety culture,” says Jerry Heitman, safety manager at Sadoff Iron & Metal Co. (Fond du Lac, Wis.).

One popular way companies involved their whole staff was by conducting safety walk-throughs to identify hazards and have staff suggest ideas for improvement. During hands-on mobile equipment safety training at Colt Inc. (Scott, La.), yard and maintenance employees were invited to sit in the operator’s seat while others walked around the equipment, in and out of blind spots. “This enabled the employee to see exactly what an operator can and cannot see while operating mobile equipment,” says Katherine Reiners, Colt transportation supervisor.

Member companies also spent the day brushing up on their emergency preparedness by conducting active shooter scenarios or learning how to use a fire extinguisher. Grossman Iron & Steel Co. (St. Louis) kept staff members on their toes with a surprise emergency evacuation drill, while Renovo Resource Solutions (Bradenton, Fla.) invited its local fire department to do fire prevention training. Many member companies also looked back at near-miss incidents in their facilities, talking in depth about what happened and pinpointing solutions for preventing similar incidents in the future.

 Participants say getting employee input helps keep everyone accountable, especially managers and company leaders. After this year’s Safety Stand-Down Day, Pratt Industries (Conyers, Ga.) will provide a suggestion box where employees can submit suggestions at its recycling facilities, the company says.

Safety is serious business, but member companies found a variety of ways to have a little fun, too. Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co. (Westport, Mass.) collected its toolbox talks from the past year and used them to play “Tool Box Talk Trivia,” which Environmental Health and Safety Manager David Medeiros says helped employees “have the chance to speak up and share their safety knowledge.” Several companies took advantage of their time together by sharing pizza or having a cookout after training was over.

ISRI started Safety Stand-Down Day in 2014 to respond to the high numbers of injuries and deaths in the industry. ISRI member participants who fill out an online form describing their safety activities that day receive a certificate of recognition and are recognized on the ISRI-OSHA Alliance website. Visit




2018 Safety Stand-Down Day Participants

A & A Midwest

Allied Alloys

ASM Recycling

Audubon Metals

Azcon Metals

Becker Iron & Metal

Bob’s Metals

Brenner Recycling

Camden Iron & Metal

Champlin Tire Recycling

Colt Inc.

Combined Metal Industries

Cresson Steel Co.

R.S. Davis Recycling


First Capital Fibers

Fortune Metals USA

Full Circle Recycling

Grossman Iron & Steel Co.

Innovative Recovery Products

Kimco Steel Sales

Liberty Tire Recycling

Mallin Cos.

Manitoba Corp.

Metro Alloys

Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co.

Monterrey Iron & Metal

My Auto Store

Northern Metal Recycling

Pacific Metals Recycling International

Parkway Iron & Metal Co.

PC Survivors of Massachusetts

PNW Metal Recycling

Pratt Industries

PSC Metals

Renovo Resource Solutions

Rocky Mountain Recycling

Sadoff Iron & Metal Co.

Sims Metal Management


Wise Services & Recycling



During ISRI’s 5th annual Safety Stand-Down Day, members refreshed their safety training and brainstormed ideas for safer workplaces.

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