ProfitGuard Launches Redesigned Cloud Based Credit Reporting and Risk Monitoring Platform

Feb 12, 2024, 13:44 PM
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Arnulfo Moreno
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ProfitGuard (PG), unveiled its redesigned platform that the company hopes will significantly improve client user experience, content and speed. PG has partnered with software developer Combustion LLC to build its third generation offering.

According to a press release from the company, the upgrade will leverage the latest cloud database technology to deliver faster credit profile reports, with enhanced scores, simplified easy to digest credit data, and a credit opinion and recommended limit from an experienced analyst. “The best credit decisions are made with objective information reviewed by an experienced eye. Our new platform will continue to harness the power of these factors, making credit decisions more effective than ever” said Bobby Soper, VP and director of PG.

PG’s credit management platform includes a fresh credit check, a limit recommendation, the ability to risk monitor and an insurance component. Below are some highlights.

  • PG Score: An enhanced version of ProfitGuard’s proprietary default score which predicts the likelihood of a customer experiencing a default or insolvency within the next 12 months.
  • PQS Score: A new Payment Quality Score that will integrate industry payment information into PG’s platform. The PQS, developed in-house by PG, is based on years of payment behavior data and is a highly predictive score based on a weighted payment index that predicts prompt payment.
  • Analyst Assigned Guideline: ProfitGuard’s analysts will be accessible through the new platform to provide our unique recommended credit limit curated to a customer’s situation or sales opportunity.
  • Risk Monitoring: PG’s existing alert service will be largely unchanged. Customers can still choose to actively monitor top accounts with PG’s analyst team and select automated system alerts, allowing customers to choose what info to monitor and the frequency with which it is delivered to them.
  • PG Trade Exchange: A simplified version of PG’s trade exchange program for trade data contributors. Certain program benefits will be available to those participating.
  • Integrated Credit Insurance Policy: Custom tailored to match customer needs and ensure a great return on the investment.

With corporate credit risk one of the few constants in business, knowing there is an end-to-end solution to help onboard customers safely, assess their credit quality and monitor them for changes in risk, is invaluable. “When making a tough credit decision, human insight adds a tremendous amount of value to our client’s credit decision process” said Jason Dworin, PG’s executive vice president.

The newly built platform allows PG to combine its proprietary credit data from multiple resources, credit ratings, financial information and intelligence from PG’s trade contributors in a faster more user-friendly format. “You manage expected risk with good information. You manage unexpected risk with a credit insurance component, that’s a best practice” said Victor Sandy, PG’s president.

ProfitGuard (PG), unveiled its redesigned platform that the company hopes will significantly improve client user...
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