Phoenix Metalman Recycling Acquires E-Cycle’s Battery Recycling Business

Feb 7, 2024, 11:38 AM
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Arnulfo Moreno
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Following the launch of a nationwide battery recycling service in August last year, New Zealand based Phoenix Metalman Recycling (Phoenix) has announced the expansion of its battery recycling capability through the acquisition of E-Cycle’s battery recycling business.

According to a press release from the company, this will facilitate a ‘milk run’ type concept in the battery recycling space as it allows efficient supply chain management of the company’s commercial customers and consumers to easily dispose of their batteries and metals simultaneously. In light of the recent changes to national recycling regulations in New Zealand, the provision of such services is that much more significant.

Phoenix’s battery ‘milk run’ is facilitated by the company’s Certified Dangerous Goods Transportation Team, enabling end-to-end battery recycling from Aotearoa to global battery recycling partners. Phoenix has worked with E-Cycle since 2019, primarily through the consolidation of battery exports. Phoenix has also assisted E-Cycle with the development of sorting and packing solutions and shared information on recycling processes including best practice procedures and compliance.

In 2023, E-Cycle recognized the need for increased investment in order to remain compliant and keep pace with the increase in battery recycling volumes. Following the acquisition of the business effective Feb. 1 2024, E-Cycle’s battery recycling business will fall under the auspices of Phoenix.

The acquisition does not include E-Cycle’s E-Waste business which will remain under E-Cycle’s ownership.

Following the launch of a nationwide battery recycling service in August last year, New Zealand...
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