Ohio Magnetics Sales Pro Works with Recyclers to Make Them—and Company’s Offerings—More Productive

Nov 10, 2022, 06:29 AM
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Dan Hockensmith
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ISRI member Ohio Magnetics Inc. long has been recognized as a world leader in the development of Ohio-brand lifting magnets systems and Stearns-brand magnetic separation equipment. Walt Civovic, territory sales manager, has been with the Maple Heights, Ohio-based company since 1985 and has put his expertise and knowledge to use serving customers.

“The recycling industry has become more sophisticated and has developed the art of recycling into a science. We know productivity and power are major issues in today’s world. So, we make our magnets more efficient,” Civovic says. “We make them more productive. Over the years, we’ve tweaked their designs to get increased lift performance while operating at lower internal temperatures; the result is increased throughput daily. In addition to that, a key factor also is the fact that we produce all our magnet controls in [the U.S.], whereas many of our competitors will buy somebody else’s controls and basically resell them.”

Ohio Magnetics is one of the first magnet manufacturing companies in the U.S. and since 1917 has been designing and manufacturing lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment in Northeast Ohio. The company’s Ohio and Stearns brands quickly became industry leaders.

Ohio-brand magnetic lifting systems range from cast to fabricated housings with aluminum and copper windings that can manage almost any ferrous metal handling application. Stearns suspended magnets come in permanent and electromagnet versions to remove unwanted metal or ferrous impurities from conveyor systems that could damage other equipment.

Ohio Magnetics offers a rebuild program for most lifting and separation magnets regardless of the manufacturer. Rebuilds meet or exceed the original performance and include inspection, testing, and remanufacturing. All rewound products carry full warranties and include a final energized quality test.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality, heavy-duty magnets, Ohio Magnetics also provides equipment to power, control, and enhance safe magnet operation. The company recently refreshed its website, with product information featured prominently.

Civovic, a business graduate of Ohio State University, began with Ohio Magnetics in the production department in 1985 and was named production control manager in 1986. A year later he was promoted to materials manager. He later joined the sales department as a product manager and was promoted to sales manager in 1997. He also served as product manager for Stearns.

Asked what’s kept him in the industry so long, Civovic replies, “The people I had the privilege to work with, both within the industry and within the company. The excellent reputation Ohio Magnetics has in the industry. The opportunity to travel across the world and to experience different cultures. The technical and sales-related challenges that occur daily.”

Ohio Magnetics uses independent sales representatives to support customers quickly. Civovic has traveled many miles serving clients. Countries he’s visited outside the U.S include Colombia, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Among his stories from the road: During a trip in India, his group stopped at a rest area and were advised to wait for a couple hours. “We were told that a violent demonstration was taking place due to the governor of the state being arrested for embezzlement,” he says. Another time, in Singapore, “The lady who was monitoring the truck scale offered us some beer,” he says.

Civovic is proud that he’s never been turned away from a recycling facility. Ohio Magnetics’ reputation is such that one facility owner wanted to display an Ohio-brand magnet outside his facility.

“Working with the recycling industry has been very rewarding and challenging at times,” Civovic says. “The loyalty and the appreciation from the industry has made it a most enjoyable experience. The long-term relationships that we have developed over the years is unique in today’s world. The challenge is to maintain these relationships by way of optimal service and support.”

Photos courtesy of Ohio Magnetics.
ISRI member Ohio Magnetics Inc. long has been recognized as a world leader in the...

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