North Carolina Recyclers Attend Day on the Hill

May 17, 2024, 07:30 AM
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Abby Blocker
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Members of the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA)  joined with the Recycling Association of North Carolina (RANC) on May 8 for the Day on the Hill in Charlotte, North Carolina. ReMA has been a supporter of RANC for many years, with several ReMA members serving on RANC’s board. The lobbying day was coordinated by Brooks Pierce, who has represented the industry since 2012.

Eight board members of RANC participated in the lobby day, engaging in meetings with more than 20 legislators, including long-standing supporters of the recycling industry such as House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland), House Appropriations Chair Jason Saine (R-Lincoln), and Representative Joseph Pike. Alongside legislative meetings, RANC also hosted an Italian ice station on the Legislature’s portico, creating an inviting space for recyclers to engage in further discussions with legislators and staff.

ReMA and RANC members discussed with legislators Senate Bill 267, which would strengthen state law against catalytic converter theft. The Senate passed the bill unanimously in 2023, and it is eligible for House consideration this year. Supported by both ReMA and RANC, SB 267 was drafted with the guidance of members of RANC and ReMA.

Keeping Members Informed

As chapters progress through their legislative sessions, ReMA chapters and staff will remain dedicated to monitoring bills through ongoing stakeholder engagement and meetings with legislators. The North Carolina General Assembly convened April 24 and is scheduled to adjourn on July 31.

For more information, ReMA’s State Resources and Tracking webpages have details on bills that ReMA tracks in each state. These pages help users stay well-informed about legislation and provide updates categorized by state or specific issue areas. Members can also access our latest bi-weekly ReMA State Update on Region and Chapter Policy Activities sent to RemA’s Lobbyist Network. The update is compiled from submissions from members and member-affiliated lobbyists.

Members of the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA)  joined with the Recycling Association of North Carolina...
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