Monterrey Iron & Metal Celebrates at Earth Day Fest

May 1, 2024, 14:08 PM
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Arnulfo Moreno
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The Monterrey Iron & Metal team celebrated Earth Day at Earth Day Fest in San Antonio with the goal of educating attendees about metal recycling. Many people know they can recycle plastic and paper but many don’t know how much metal in their day to day lives can be recycled, too. The team connected with families and showed them the various household items they can recycle when they reach their end of life; this included bicycles.

The team explained the life cycle of a bike (reuse, recycle) and partnered with a local nonprofit to give away a couple of rehabbed bikes – now good as new! The winners had the closest guesses on the number of crushed cans the company had on the table.

“It’s important to keep this stuff out of the waste stream and into the production cycle,” Said Monterrey Iron & Metal’s Jeff Vexler during an interview about Earth Day Fest with Kens 5 news. “The great thing about metal is that it’s infinitely recyclable; 90% of our bridges and buildings are made from recycled steel. It saves so much energy. That’s how you save America and Earth. Earth because you’re lowering emissions and you’re saving America because you’re lowering energy output.”

The Monterrey Iron & Metal team found it to be a great day to educate and connect with area residents.

The Monterrey Iron & Metal team celebrated Earth Day at Earth Day Fest in San...
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