ISRI2024 Session Preview: Green Collaboration

Apr 8, 2024, 15:00 PM
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Hannah Carvalho
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On Tuesday, April 16, ISRI will host the session “Green Collaboration: Shaping the Electric Vehicle Recycling Supply Chain Together” during the ISRI2024 Convention & Exposition in Las Vegas.

Featuring Adina Renee Adler, executive director at Global Steel Climate Council, Derick Corbett, senior vice president of external affairs at Pull-A-Part, Chih-Hsuan (Sandy) Pierce, territory manager at BASF, and Tommy Walters, environmental coordinator at River Metals Recycling LLC, the session explores the intricacies of the electric vehicle (EV) recycling supply chain.

ISRI News had the opportunity to chat with Adler about the upcoming session at ISRI2024 and some of the experiences she’s planning to share with attendees.

What can attendees look forward to learning about during the session?

The session is the first in the EV track, so it will set the stage for all discussions around EVs and EV recycling. We will talk about the dismantling and recycling process of EVs and batteries and the market outlook for the various material streams. We’ll discuss how to build a sustainable and cooperative framework to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the lifecycle of electric vehicles.

What are you most looking forward to about the session?

A great discussion on what EV recycling looks like today and how we may see it evolve in the near future.

Can you tell me about your expertise/background?

During my time at Silverado Policy Accelerator, we closely explored critical mineral supply chains and the policy environment required to meet expected demand growth, such as through circularity.  Now with the Global Steel Climate Council, steel companies are laser-focused on lowering the carbon footprint of steel products, which largely depends upon the availability of good quality recycled steel that comes from a range of sources, especially EOL vehicles.

Can you tell me about some of the highlights you might share during the session? How do you hope the discussion impacts recyclers?

Co-panelists will discuss the dismantling and recycling process for EVs and batteries.  I will provide views on the policy landscape and views on material supply streams that may impact on meeting global and national climate goals, such as questions about the future availability of recycled material inputs into vehicle structures and batteries (eg, how EV growth could have an impact).

On Tuesday, April 16, ISRI will host the session “Green Collaboration: Shaping the Electric Vehicle...
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