ISRI2024 Session Preview: Building Relationships with Law Enforcement

Mar 11, 2024, 10:02 AM
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Hannah Carvalho
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On Wednesday, April 17, ReMA will host the session “Building Relationships with Law Enforcement from the Perspective of Law Enforcement Leaders” at the ISRI2024 Convention and Exposition.

Three law enforcement leaders from across the U.S. and members of ISRI’s Law Enforcement Advisory Council will discuss relationship building and the importance of developing these connections.

ISRI News had the opportunity to sit down with Todd Foreman, ISRI’s director of law enforcement outreach about what attendees can expect from the session and a sneak peek at what each panelist will bring to the discussion.

What can attendees look forward to learning from the session?

Attendees will hear the viewpoint of law enforcement and how developing relationships between recyclers and law enforcement is important to help officers solve crimes. The panelists will discuss how gaining better education and understanding of the recycled materials industry aids them as they work on investigations. They will discuss how the relationships and education help them realize the importance of the industry and the need for the industry to operate smoothly and efficiently to keep materials available.

What are you most looking forward to about the session?

I want to continue to help build relationships between our members and the local law enforcement who serve them and their communities. Relationship building and trust were two of the foundations of crime prevention that I worked on as a law enforcement officer. Now in my current position, I want to help the recycled materials industry and law enforcement build and maintain strong relationships with one another.

Can you tell me about the speakers and what expertise they’ll bring to the panel discussion?

First Sergeant Peter Lazear supervises the Help Eliminate Auto Theft program (HEAT) in Virginia, which includes catalytic converters. He has had an extensive career with the Virginia State Police and has risen through the ranks to his current position. The HEAT program is about assisting law enforcement in building relationships and stopping the theft of vehicles as well as catalytic converters and other materials. He attended a meeting at an ReMA member facility and assisted in getting law enforcement to attend as well.

Director of Public Safety Jeff Glover has worked over 24 years in law enforcement. He is a member of the crime prevention committee with the International Association of Chiefs of Police and was appointed chief of police of the Tempe Police Department in 2021. He worked as chief of Tempe understanding crime prevention and had a catalytic converter marking program in which he had multiple community partners. Colonel Glover understands the importance of relationship building in all areas to include the recycled materials industry.

What will the panelists share during the session? How will their stories impact attendees?

The panelists will share their experiences working with members of the recycled materials industry. They’ll provide information about how partnerships are important and have helped prevent crime. Panelists will share how they would build relationships with recyclers in the community and the importance of recyclers building the same relationships.

Our panelists will explain why strong relationships between recyclers and law enforcement are essential to stop theft of different metals. Part of the discussion will also focus on how the recycled materials industry can assist in educating law enforcement about the industry. There will be time at the end for questions for the law enforcement officials.

What do you hope attendees gain from the session?

I hope they come away with some methods and opportunities to build relationships with their local law enforcement. Part of that is the education aspect, and how important it is for recyclers to help law enforcement develop a better appreciation and understanding of the industry and its operations. I also hope they’ll recognize how much the industry benefits from building these strong relationships with law enforcement.

On Wednesday, April 17, ReMA will host the session “Building Relationships with Law Enforcement from...
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