ISRI2024: Law Enforcement Advisory Council Meets to Discuss Future Strategies

Apr 25, 2024, 19:35 PM
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Vicki Morgan
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Members of law enforcement from across the country gathered at ISRI2024 to discuss future strategies, share ideas, and gain a real-time overview of today’s metals theft landscape. ReMA Director of Law Enforcement Outreach Todd Foreman gathered more than 10 law enforcement professionals who are part of ReMA’s Law Enforcement Advisory Council (LEAC).

LEAC members gained an update on copper from ReMA Chief Economist and Director of Commodities Joe Pickard as well as an overview of the current cargo theft issue by Foreman and Director of Loss Prevention SA Recycling, Roger Young. Additionally, LEAC met with members of Materials Theft Subcommittee and the former Catalytic Converter Working Group and then visited the sold-out exhibit hall as a group to encourage law enforcement and recycler relationships. It was educational for our law enforcement advisors to see the tools the industry uses to prevent theft and collect records.

“We had the best attendance since I joined ReMA at this year’s LEAC meeting and, hopefully that number will continue to grow as more law enforcement leaders join us to assist,” said Foreman. “It’s a great service to law enforcement and ReMA that the association brings together these professionals to share common experiences in metals theft and the benefits of participating with ReMA.”

Following the meeting, members presented the session, “Building Relationships with Law Enforcement from the Perspective of Law Enforcement Leaders,” for all ISRI2024 attendees. Foreman, Jeffrey Glover, director, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Peter Lazear, first sergeant, Virginia State Police HEAT Program, Steve Rotunno, Chief of Police Cicero New York and Fred Burmester, Prosecutor from Summitt County Utah led the session. They discussed relationship building and the importance of having those relationships at different levels of law enforcement to prevent theft of various materials. Also, leaders explained the benefits to the recycled materials industry of assisting law enforcement in learning about the industry and case studies on how those relationships have assisted law enforcement.

The session also provided an opportunity to review the many resources ReMA has that assist law enforcement. The group gave an overview of and how it works to help both the recycled materials industry and law enforcement, how is used successfully, and how Foreman is available to assist ReMA members in building relationships with law enforcement.

Members of law enforcement from across the country gathered at ISRI2024 to discuss future strategies,...
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