ISRI2024 Announces Lineup of Seven Educational Tracks for One-Stop Learning

Nov 29, 2023, 16:40 PM
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Vicki Morgan
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ISRI2024, the largest recycled materials event in the world, has announced seven knowledge-packed tracks for Las Vegas, Nevada. Everything you need to know is available all in one place and features the industry’s top experts. ISRI2024 tracks represent real-time knowledge and strategies that can be immediately implemented in your business.

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Advocacy & Public Relations
AUDIENCE: Public Affairs, Advocacy and Communications Team Members
Influence public policy. Build and maintain a strong reputation. Find common ground with stakeholders within your company and community.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)
AUDIENCE: EHS, Operations and Maintenance Team Members
Protect the health and life of recycled materials facility employees, customers, visitors, contractors, and drivers, along with the surrounding community.

EVs and Batteries
Learn about the expanding role of electric vehicles (EVs) and battery recycling, including safety and proper handling, policy, regulation, legislation and the outlook for the future.

Executive Management & Leadership
AUDIENCE: Executive Team, HR and Finance Team Members
Expand your knowledge as a leader. Sessions address diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA), change management, conflict resolution, problem solving, innovation, and more.

Markets & Trade
AUDIENCE: Marketing, Sales and Trade Team Members
Learn everything you need to know about all commodities: ferrous metals (iron, steel), nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, tin and precious metals), stainless steel and high-temperature alloys, plastics, recovered fiber (paper, corrugated, cartons,) tires/rubber, electronics, glass, and textiles.

AUDIENCE: EHS, Operations and Maintenance Team Members
Get up to date on the latest thinking about the day-to-day activities and processes of recycling facilities, including business planning and finance, competitive and diversification strategies, growth, profits and productivity, legal issues, securing and extending credit insurance, and customer service and transportation.

Dig deeper on the bigger issues around the future of the planet and how we can avoid depleting all our natural resources. As a recycled materials industry professional and therefore a leader in sustainability, learn how to position yourself accordingly and how to operate responsibly within your community.

ISRI2024, the largest recycled materials event in the world, has announced seven knowledge-packed tracks for...
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