ISRI Encourages Member Participation in Industry’s Only Compensation and Benefits Survey

Jan 22, 2024, 13:53 PM
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Vicki Morgan
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Note: This is the second article in an ISRI News series highlighting the member benefits of ISRI’s Workforce Development program and resources.

Designed specifically for the recycled materials industry by ISRI leadership, the upcoming Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey is an all-encompassing resource of real-time industry wages and benefits data. ISRI recognizes that industry professionals have very specific opportunities, issues and challenges in workforce compensation and benefits, and has developed a suite of human resources tools free to members.

Coming in April 2024, the member-only Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey will offer industry-specific results only available to participants. The survey, which will be  free to complete and open to all ISRI members,  is geared to owners and operators of small-to-mid-size recycling organizations. A total recycled materials industry-specific focus makes this survey and its results unique. Participants will receive survey results that cover more than 80 job codes for both salaried and hourly workers. Additionally, the results are organized to allow companies to easily compare their own compensation data to those companies with similar operations.

“I participated the 2022 Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey because our industry is very specialized and I wanted the ability to gauge results with my peers,” said Dan Garvin, president of ISRI member Colorado Iron & Metal, Inc. “It’s an extremely helpful ISRI tool for members and I encourage all members to participate. The greater the participation, the greater the depth of the results.”

Garvin points to the great value in participation as a resources he and his organization use year-round. “We reference the results to see where we are when setting our budget, considering wage increases and forecasting at end-of-year.”

ISRI’s robust workforce resources grew as a response to a 2019 town hall meeting, and has evolved into a four-component program that includes the Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey. The ISRI tools can be tailored to fit the human resources needs of any recycled materials organization.

ISRI members can expect to see more information on opportunities to participate in the upcoming 2024 Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey on ISRI’s website,  Along with added features and content to the tools available through ISRI’s Workforce Development resources.

Note saying employee benefitsNote: This is the second article in an ISRI News series highlighting the member benefits...
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