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The Week Ahead

Investors will be paying close attention to the latest monetary policy statement from the FOMC this week.
  • No change in target interest rates or major policy initiatives are expected, although Fed Chair Jay Powell did say last month that “…the Fed is strongly committed to using our tools to do whatever we can for as long as it takes.”
  • Reopening measures and the easing of coronavirus-related lockdown restrictions will again be in focus this week. The Financial Times reports “New York City will enter the first of four reopening phases. Construction, manufacturing, wholesale and curbside retail businesses can resume activity, enabling up to 400,000 people to return to work.”
  • On the U.S. economic calendar, we’ll get new releases on job openings, initial unemployment claims, consumer and producer price inflation, and the preliminary reading on consumer sentiment for June.
  • In Asia, China reports on CPI and PPI, Japan releases new figures on machine orders and producer prices, and India reports on industrial production.
  • In Europe, new Euro zone figures are due out on first quarter GDP and industrial production in April following industrial production reports from Germany, Italy, and France. One estimate projects that French industrial production declined 24 percent in April.
  • Please be safe and have a great week!

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