ISRI2020 Buyer Beware – Deceptive Emails offering Rooms, Equipment, and Mailing Lists

In recent weeks, several members and exhibitors registered for the ISRI2020 convention have received solicitations for a variety of services related to a convention. Some even claim affiliation with ReMA or with our contracted hotels. ISRI has not released its mailing list to ANY third party organization. Hence any solicitations you receive are not based on any authorized ReMA information. Similarly, ISRI’s agreements with contracted hotels requires all reservations be made through the ReMA convention website or directly with the hotel. ReMA has not authorized ANY third party organization to offer hotel rooms and cannot guarantee the validity of any offers made. Exhibitors receiving emails from companies offering services should also beware. All authorized vendors have information in the exhibitor kit provided by the show decorator, Brede Exposition Service, Inc. Finally, as with any phone or online solicitation, take extra caution before providing credit card numbers or other financial information. Be certain that you are dealing with who you think you are dealing with. If in doubt, please contact ReMA at 202-662-8500 or 

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