CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: What You Need to Know

  • On January 6, 2020 the new FMCSA drug and alcohol reporting requirements go into effect. 
  • Registering early is the first step in ensuring you and your company will be ready when the Clearinghouse is operational. 
  • Once registered, you will be able to take certain actions in the Clearinghouse prior to implementation.
FMCSA is urging authorized users to register in advance of full implementation of the Clearinghouse on January 6, 2020, as registration is required to access the Clearinghouse. Access is necessary to fulfill each of the authorized user’s required responsibilities. Authorized users include motor carriers, CDL drivers, Medical review officers (MRO), Substance abuse professionals (SAP), and Consortium/third-party administrators (C/TPA).

The Clearinghouse will provide FMCSA and employers the necessary tools to identify drivers who are prohibited from operating a CMV based on DOT drug and alcohol program violations and ensure that such drivers receive the required evaluation and treatment before operating a CMV on public roads. Specifically, information maintained in the Clearinghouse will enable employers to identify drivers who commit a drug or alcohol program violation while working for one employer, but who fail to subsequently inform another employer (as required by current regulations). Records of drug and alcohol program violations will remain in the Clearinghouse for five years, or until the driver has completed the return-to-duty process, whichever is later.  

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