2019 FMCSA Our Roads, Our Safety Campaign Highlights

Through the Our Roads, Our Safety program, FMCSA collaborates with partner organizations such as ISRI to educate passenger vehicle drivers, commercial motor vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians on how to safely co-exist as they travel our roads. Partners help spread this important safety message by using the program’s outreach materials for dissemination at events, on the web, in communities and much more. The following are just a few items of what the Our Roads, Our Safety partners have accomplished this year.

  • More than 359 million estimated impressions across all measurable tactics;
  • 4.3 million in ad equivalency through donated media placements;
  • Paid media – digital i.e., Facebook and Instagram 25.3 million impressions and 114,000 website clicks;  
  • Paid media – radio and audio i.e., IHeart Radio and Road Dog Trucking Radio 150.5 million total impressions; and
  • Sponsorship at seven Washington Nationals games drove more than 544,000 impressions through various placements at the ballpark.

For more details and questions please contact ISRI’s Transportation Safety Director, Commodor Hall.

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