ISRI Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

In order to help ISRI members get ahead of future opportunities and challenges in high-growth economies, ISRI, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, is leading a members-only trade mission from March 1-12, 2020 to Indonesia and Malaysia, two dynamic economies that present significant business growth opportunities for ferrous and nonferrous recycling and scrap consumption. The trade mission Includes:


  • Commercial Networking. Meet potential business partners, including recyclers, traders, brokers, and consumers. Get to know U.S. Embassy officials that will support your business development.
  • Relationships with Policymakers and Regulators. Interact with national and local officials to enhance your understanding of how to do business in these countries. Advocate for free and fair trade of scrap commodities and responsible recycling to ensure future growth potential.
  • Market Analysis. Explore consumer demand for metal scrap commodities. Investigate infrastructure capacity for recycling and scrap trade.



For more information, please visit ISRI's Trade Mission page.  

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