ISRI Scrap Specifications

At the most recent ISRI Nonferrous Division meeting in Portland, Oregon on October 17, division members discussed the need to re-write a large number of specifications and make them more easily accessible on the ISRI website. As the global scrap marketplace continues to evolve, market participants from around the world are increasingly looking to ISRI’s scrap specifications as the benchmark for the various scrap commodities. From ISRI’s perspective, we need to ensure that our specifications accurately reflect the commodities that are currently being traded and that our specs are useful to buyers and sellers of scrap commodities. To that end, ISRI’s Specifications Working Group is reviewing our current specifications in order to facilitate the trade of new and existing scrap commodities. For more information and to submit requested changes to ISRI’s specifications, please contact Specifications Working Group Chair Randy Goodman or ISRI’s Directory of Commodities Joe Pickard

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