Chairman’s Message


The global nonferrous scrap marketplace continues to change quickly as market participants adapt to China’s evolving role in the market and as new market participants enter the fray. As the nonferrous scrap industry continues to react to changing global market conditions, our trade association is playing an increasing important role. ReMA remains at the forefront of facilitating trade and advocating on behalf of scrap processors, brokers, and exporters. In this edition of ISRI's Nonferrous Beat you’ll learn more about our upcoming trade mission to Southeast Asia, the evolution of ISRI’s scrap specifications, and the latest trends in nonferrous markets and trade flows. 

As was discussed at our recent Nonferrous Division meeting in Portland, Oregon (which unfortunately I was unable to attend), the distinction between “scrap” versus “waste” is becoming increasingly important around the world and in China in particular. For many years, ReMA has been advocating about the distinction between scrap and waste and the need to recognize the value of the recycled materials that we process and trade. As a trade association, together we can advocate much more effectively for our industry than if we acted on our own. But the success of any trade association depends on the active participation of its members and the ability to recruit new leaders.

I encourage you to get active with ReMA as we are always looking for talented new leaders for our Nonferrous Division, as well as your input as to how to improve our commodities programming. Our next ReMA Board of Directors meetings (including the next Nonferrous Division meeting) will take place from February 18-21, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee and I sincerely hope to see you there. If you have any questions in the meantime about ISRI’s nonferrous division, event programming, specifications, or other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact either me or our nonferrous division liaison Joe Pickard

Andy Wahl
Nonferrous Division Chair

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