Outreach to Brand Owners

ISRI continues to reach out to brand owners and inform this important segment of the value chain of the unique pressures and opportunities that exist in the plastics recycling industry. Following up conversations ReMA had with Clorox at the 2019 Convention, staff has worked diligently in keeping these lines of communication open. As a result, this September staff held a conversation with Clorox’s packaging design team to discuss issues of mutual interest.

In addition to meeting with Clorox, ReMA has held introductory conversations with Mars Wrigley and is looking to further these conversations in the weeks ahead.

Further, ReMA had the opportunity to present alongside ReMA member EFS Plastics to the Industry Leadership Committee of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to further our support of the Recycle More Bags coalition. The ILC is a group of brand owners, manufacturers, and other stakeholders that are working on supporting and developing markets for plastic and other types of consumer packaging. ISRI’s presentation advanced who we are and how we are supporting the recycling of plastic film through the Recycle More Bags coalition.

All of these outreach efforts are designed to secure ISRI’s place as the leader for plastic recyclers and to be seen as a thought leader in this space. Earlier this year, the Plastic Division directed staff to take a more active role in supporting the industry and having ReMA seen as a leader in this space. The efforts described above have all been taken to fulfill this directive. In the weeks and months ahead ReMA will be engaging in additional outreach efforts to further this goal. 

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