Developing a Lock Out Tag Out Try Out Plan

Your employees’ safety can depend on the information that you share with them through your education and training programs. The Lock Out Tag Out Try Out (LOTOTO) program (29CFR1910.147) is a regulation that deserves a close understanding by you and those that depend on you for their health and safety at your businesses. Not following your lock out tag out try out procedures completely has the potential to result in a significant injury or even a fatality (SIF).

A successful energy control program (LOTOTO) consists of 4 elements. Those elements are: 1) Energy control procedures; 2) Employee training; 3) Auditing or conducting periodic inspections; and, 4) Specifying and acquiring or designing equipment that will accommodate lockout procedures. Here is a resource that can act as your guide in developing easy to understand procedures.

Also, remember that when it comes to developing processes and procedures in your business that it is a good practice to involve those who will be affected by these new processes and procedures. Having your employees involved in the development, implementation, and auditing phases of your plans will be a helpful part of that plan’s success.

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