Law Enforcement Partnership Update

On June 16-18, ISRI exhibited at the annual conference of the National Sheriffs’ Association held this year in Louisville, KY.

ISRI Director of Law Enforcement Outreach Brady Mills, and General Manager of River Metals Recycling and President of the Kentucky Recyclers’ Association Neal Coulardot provided attendees with information on ScrapTheftAlert.com (STA), StopMetalsTheft.org, and on members’ efforts to work with law enforcement in the fight against metals theft.

Why it’s important: It is critical to be proactive with law enforcement when it comes to metals theft. Metals theft may not be a current high priority with law enforcement, but it is important to let officers know ISRI members are partners in the fight. The opportunity to speak and/or exhibit at events such as this where thousands of law enforcement are in attendance provides that message. Below is the ad identifying ISRI to Louisville attendees.

Moving Forward:  ISRI has multiple opportunities to liaison with law enforcement through the remainder of the year. These include the following:

  • August 11-13:Fraternal Order of Police, New Orleans, LA.
  • August 20-21:MOCIC Annual Conference, Duluth, MN.
  • October 25-29:International Association of Chiefs of Police, Chicago, IL.


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