SERI/R2 TAC Advances Version 3

The SERI/R2 Technical Advisory Committee met in Austin, Texas for two days to work through the nearly 500 comments about the proposed changes to the R2 standard.  The standard now goes back out for public comments on the changes made during these meetings.  This is the second public comment period following the release of the draft standard.  The Austin meeting follows several public meetings and webinars to roll out the revision to adapt to the changes in the electronics recycling industry.  Two of those public meetings were held during the ISRI Winter and Spring Board and Governance meetings.  The process towards revising the R2 standard to respond to the changes in the marketplace have been very robust as some of the more thorny issues needed to be explained and revised to make the standard more practicable while moving towards achieving a truly international standard that recyclers throughout the world can use to improve their processes and protect the environment and their workers.  The original purpose of the R2 standard was to improve recycling and help stop poor recycling practices both in the United States and abroad as well as to be able to track devices and focus materials to their final end use.  The R2 standard has been very successful achieving these goals but as the products and devices change, so do the recycling aspects.  In fact, new issues were addressed in this version including data security and destruction, addressing co-location facilities, and improving the auditing process were important topics during the discussion process. 

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