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Thermal Stress Safety Tips

Summer is here for many of us and for other ISRI members it has been around for months. Whatever part of the world you live in and whatever climate you may find yourself in today please remember to keep your workforce up-to-date with discussions about working in the elements. This could be outdoors in hot or cold temperatures, or it could be working in an indoor environment that is subject to extreme hot or cold. Whatever environment you and your employees encounter, being educated, trained, and prepared to act and react effectively may save a life. Holding tool box talks, safety meetings, or even one-on-one discussions about how to recognize and react to any thermal stress event in your working environment is a good step forward with your safety culture. Learn the signs and symptoms of thermal stress and share these with your workforce. Have a policy and procedure in place that will enable your workforce to react in the event of a thermal stress event.

Here are some useful links that offer some great tips and talking points for your next training session:

Please contact ISRI at any time if you have questions related to EHS education and training in your work environment. For more information contact Tony Smith – ISRI’s Director of Safety Outreach.

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