Nonferrous Scrap Trade Flows

U.S. exports of copper and copper alloy scrap reportedly edged up to 73.9 thousand tons in February (up from 66.2 thousand tons in January) according to trade figures released by the Census Bureau. Improved sales to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and mainland China accounted for most of the gains.


Year-to-Date U.S. Copper and Copper Alloy Scrap Exports by Major Destination
Metric tons

Copper and Copper Alloy Export_500
Sources: U.S. Census Bureau/U.S. International Trade Commission

Here’s the more positive trend in U.S. aluminum scrap exports so far this year
(in metric tons): 
Aluminum Exports_500 

Last but not least, here are the official trade numbers on U.S. stainless steel scrap exports by major destination so far this:
Stainless Steel Export_500


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