Chairman’s Message

AndyWahlOn behalf of the ISRI Nonferrous Division, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the speakers, moderators, audience members, and sponsors who participated at our nonferrous spotlights at the ISRI Annual Convention & Exposition in Los Angeles this year. We have received extremely positive feedback regarding this year’s programming and I would like to especially thank Doug Kramer (Spectrum Alloys), Markus Moll (SMR GmbH), Mitch Greenberg (Allied Alloys), Barry Jackson (Anglo American), Jason Schenker (Prestige Economics), Richard Mayenknecht (NEMAK), Andy McKee (Schupan & Sons), Stephen Deacon (EMR), Randy Goodman (Greenland America), Tim Strelitz (California Metal-X), and Jurgen van Gorp (Metallo) for their excellent contributions to our nonferrous spotlight conversations.

As part of ISRI’s dedication to continual improvement, I am asking each of you to provide us with your feedback on how ISRI events (including the annual convention, commodities roundtables, governance meetings, chapter events, etc.) can provide additional value to your business. What industry leaders would you like to hear from? What industry trends are most pressing for you? How can ISRI help you to adapt to changing market conditions? We want to provide you with the best available information.

I have another challenge for you, regarding ISRI’s nonferrous specifications. We need your input as to which ISRI specifications need to be reviewed/removed and where there is a need for new nonferrous specifications, particularly in light of today’s evolving trade landscape. Currently, the ISRI Specifications Working Group is reviewing nonferrous specifications on Taint/Tabor, Tread, Ropes, and Taboo. But we need your input on where we go from here. Please tell us about which ISRI specifications are most in need of review.

Whether we’re talking about ISRI’s event programming, division meetings, specifications, or other nonferrous scrap metal developments, I strongly encourage you to become an active member of ISRI’s Nonferrous Division. I invite you to become part of the solution to the challenges facing our industry and sincerely hope you benefit from this quarterly ISRI Nonferrous Beat report. Wishing you all the best.


Andy Wahl
Nonferrous Division Chair

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