Save the Date: ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day, June 12, 2019

ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day is ALL about identifying hazards, reducing risk, eliminating accidents and saving lives. ISRI members are encouraged to shut down operations for at least One-Hour on every shift on Wednesday, June 12, to engage in safety education. The education can be in any form, from employee training (best practices for preventing accidents and injuries on site), to conducting a facility/yard inspection, or any other effective safety training that frontline employees can readily use as a takeaway. As part of the safety training we recommend that you consider the following training resources:

Listed below are some helpful tips for establishing a Safety Stand-Down Day:

  • Appoint a coordinator to plan, organize, and manage your Safety Stand-Down Day.
  • Pick a good time throughout the day to host the event (avoid lunch and break times).
  • Promote your Safety Stand-Down Day (you want frontline employees to take the Safety Stand-Down Day seriously).
  • Cover the basics, it’s the best logical place to start (go over key procedures and guidelines).
  • Choose interesting and engaging topics and encourage feedback from frontline employees.
  • Implement as many worker suggestions as you can (your frontline employees are in the trenches, so they have practical information to share).
  • Continue to emphasize safety once the stand-down is over.

As part of the ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day, we encourage ISRI members to recap the number of employees trained, take photos of training, and provide a short summary of the training that was administered. To CELEBRATE your achievements the ISRI EHS Team will place your photos and a summary of the training on the ISRI EHS Website. Please be sure to use the template and forward your information to Elnaz Torabian for posting. In the weeks leading up to ISRI’s Safety Stand-Down Day, the ISRI EHS will be providing members with additional educational materials to assist in training efforts. For more information and resources visit:

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