Key Electronics Recycling Industry Leaders to Meet at the ISRI2019 Convention in L.A.

Top industry leaders will convene April 8-11 at the L.A. Convention Center during the ISRI2019 Convention and Exposition, the world’s largest annual gathering of scrap recycling professionals. Throughout the convention, electronics recycling industry executives will discuss the future of device regulation, compliance, and best practices in battery safety.

The show’s agenda will spotlight discussions with OEM executives from LG, Sony, and Samsung on emerging technologies, such as connected devices and how these devices impact key industry issues, which includes data security and product collection. While IoT technology can still be considered to be in its infancy, it has already developed a reputation for poor security. As connected devices become more ingrained in our day-to-day business and personal lives, the electronic recycling community can play a key role in closing the loop on security concerns.

Additionally, as part of the convention, ReMA will host a meeting with representatives from Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) to discuss the proposed updated draft of the R2 Standard. The new draft, R2v3, is the third revision to the R2 Standard and represents a significant change in the R2 certification program. During the meeting, stakeholders will provide feedback about concerns they may have with the breadth and depth of the proposed changes.

Battery recycling and safety issues will also be highlighted during the show’s workshops. Due to the highly volatile nature of lithium-ion batteries, establishing a set of industry safety standards and handling best practices is necessary not only to create efficient methods in the process of repairing and recycling devices but also ensuring safe work environments.

Additional important topics to be discussed at the convention are component-level testing and reuse, specification development, and information on the value of certifications and standards to industry companies.

The ISRI2019 convention will gather key information from industry analysts and valuable knowledge from industry leaders through both formal and informal sessions throughout the week.

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