Market Perspective: Kelly McNamara, Numera Analytics

Market conditions often change and cycle more quickly than the evolution of infrastructure and development of key business relationships. In order to remain relevant, paper recyclers need to have a long-term strategy that acts as a foundation for making short-term business moves. Kelly McNamara of Numera Analytics shared her thoughts with the industry. Here are some of her key take away messages.

  1. China will continue to enforce the strictest standards.
  2. Global capacity expansions are on the rise and are expected to outstrip demand over the next 3 years. Due to growing manufacturing outside of China and restrictive Chinese recovered fiber import policies which allows others to be more competitive in terms of inspections and quality expectations.
  3. Growing demand for OCC will put upward pressure on prices in the long-term as a result of capacity growth and recovered fiber based containerboard making up a larger share of the containerboard market.

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