Transportation Policy Approved

The Ferrous Division developed a transportation policy to address all modes of transportation for scrap materials. This policy came out of the newly established Transportation Committee within the Ferrous Division. The policy later went for Board approval. The purpose of this transportation policy is to recognize and address the challenges of transporting scrap materials to the scrapyards and to the customer in a timely, and cost efficient way. Unfortunately, the industry and others are experiencing severe truck shortages, rail service problems and increased costs, and inconsistent service on ocean shipping as less ships are being utilized globally. Additionally, labor issues at the ports are snarling transportation. Our new policy directs ISRI staff to identify ways to address these problems through Congressional action and working with various governmental bodies such as the Department of Transportation, the Federal Maritime Commission, and the Surface Transportation Board. This is the first time ISRI has developed such a comprehensive transportation policy. Special thanks go to Greg Dixon for chairing this committee for many years and to Chris Bedell for establishing the Transportation Committee. 

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