Safety Message: Equipment Failure

It’s been almost 4 ½ years since Geff (pronounced Jeff) Garnett, a son, a husband, and a father of three young children, tragically lost his life when he was electrocuted on the job. But it feels like yesterday. Equipment failure was the cause. But it was preventable; ALL accidents are preventable. When I was asked to present the safety spotlight in the ferrous division meeting at the Winter Board Meeting a couple weeks ago in Austin, I said yes without hesitation. That’s what Geff would’ve wanted, that’s what our organization supported, and as difficult as it was, I was proud to humbly share the story and the lessons we learned. We hope our greater industry family never experiences the devastating impact of all of our worst nightmares, a fatality. I received more support, gratitude, and positive feedback after the presentation than after any other I’ve ever given. I sincerely thank all of you, and I hope this inspires others to share stories that, although difficult, will truly serve the greater good of the men and women who have dedicated their careers to the industry we all love. The presentations is available to view: Cohen Safety Presentation.

by Adam Dumes 

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