Chairman’s Message


While attending ISRI’s Board of Directors winter meeting in Austin, I was again reminded of an important truth that makes ISRI worthy of all recycling companies’ support (time and money) … together we are STRONGER and BETTER.

While examples to support my position are many, I’ll give you a few of examples from ISRI’s Ferrous Division meeting.

Adam Dumes with Cohen Brothers shared a harrowing safety message (below) involving an employee electrocuted while working on a project to remove and replace the roof of an internal power substation. During the presentation, Adam reminded all in attendance of the inherent electrical dangers within every recycling plant, and urged attendees (as I am urging all readers now) to take the time to review and improve electrical safety, including implementation of NFPA 70E standards. Because of Cohen Brothers’ safety leadership, we can learn lessons from this tragedy and make adjustments that could save the lives of other recycling industry employees. For the sake of our employees, let us not miss this opportunity to get STRONGER and BETTER!

“… the United States is facing a transportation crisis as rail capacity and service have deteriorated, a severe truck driver shortage that will grow even worse, while barge and shipping lines are drastically scaling back…,” is a small excerpt from the Transportation Policy proposed by the Ferrous Division’s Transportation Committee and approved by the Board of Directors for adoption by ISRI.

It is no secret that transportation issues are hampering the productivity and profitability recyclers. With the passage of ISRI’s Transportation Policy, ISRI members can now work to collectively address structural issues within the transportation industry that require government assistance to resolve. We now have a platform to be STRONGER and obtain a BETTER outcome!

As the first order of business under the new Transportation Policy, the Transportation Committee has begun work to understand potential adverse effects of the railroad industry’s move towards Precision Schedule Railroading (PSR). If you have not heard about PSR and your firm ships by rail, you need to get up to speed (a chore with which ISRI’s Transportation Committee can assist). While PSR has many admirable high-level goals, e.g. quicker rail car velocity and higher asset utilization, ISRI members are voicing concerned about possible negative consequences for shippers, including reduced switches, higher demurrage rates, and reduced free-time. A webinar will be held soon to discuss this initiative in more detail.

The various modes of transportation utilized by recyclers are continually evolving and working together through ISRI, we are STRONGER and BETTER positioned to defend the collective interests of all companies in the Recycling Industry! If you have an interest in joining the Transportation Committee’s railroad initiative, please feel free to contact Transportation Committee Chair Greg Dixon, ISRI Ferrous Division Liaison Billy Johnson, or me.

The Ferrous Division’s next official update on these and other topics will be during April at the Board of Directors Meeting, April 6-8, held prior to ISRI’s Annual Convention and Exposition in Los Angeles (April 8-11). Your attendance and participation is the key to creating a STRONGER and BETTER ISRI. Hope to see you there!

Brian Halloran
Ferrous Division Chair

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